Our Story

It all started when we bought our first house over 20 years ago and no previous owners had ever planted anything in the garden.  It was such a shame to have this outside space that seemed so unloved. Without a clue where to start two ‘very imaginative’ borders were cut straight down each side and off we went. Well, off I went, it took Dave a little while to catch the bug he was too busy Carp fishing at the time. Anyway, many plants, curvy borders and stones later we decided to start trying to re-create the gorgeous lush gardens we had seen on our travels to Thailand and Asia. The hunt for “exotics” to grow in the UK had begun. Exotic gardening became our passion and we have been collecting plants and developing our own Exotic/Tropical garden ever since (it never ends….) In that time many gorgeous plants have been amassed.

No exotic style garden would be complete without Cannas which is how we met Keith and Christine Hayward of Hart Canna. Keith asked us to exhibit at Hampton Court flower show for him and offered us some space to over winter some of our plants as we had run out of space at home. Before long we were storing all our excess plants at Hart Canna….

We are very excited to create Hart Exotics and sell some of our favourite plants and share our passion. All the plants on offer are or have been grown in our own garden at one time or another so we are able to provide all the care advice you may need.

We hope you enjoy our catalogue.